Will I get a scholarship?​
There will be no scholarship awarded on the day. However, information on where to source scholarships are widely available.

Meet International Delegates
Direct all your questions to foreign representatives of participating universities who will be on ground to attend to all your needs and inquiries.

                                    WHO SHOULD ATTEND THE 360 ON-SPOT ADMISSION

This is a public event open to all international institution interested to enroll student from Nigeria 

                 Step 1 – Book Our office for the Day.

                Step 2 – Prepare and publish an advertisement (see point).

                Step 3 – Approach all interested candidates and inform them of the date for the presentation.


                Step 4 – Lay out the contents of the presentation. You may also include information and pictures from our promotional material. It is also best to prepare a Power point presentation if possible. it is easier for people to also see things in writing and through the use of pictures.

                Step 5 – Have school promotional material on display.

                Step 6 – Have follow – up forms ready for people who have attended the seminar to complete. You will then be able to contract them after they have left the seminar.

​There are very limited places available from each country for this 360 On -Spot- Admission, so send your request Date so that we can commence our filtration process and inform you about the decision.

Please write to Mr. Amson Adeleke on lekk2006@gmail.com to express your interest and receive further information.Call: +234 809 219 3505

Why should I study abroad?
Reasons vary by individuals: A more effective education system, new cultural experience, making lifelong friends, becoming world ready, traveling… Reasons are limitless, find yours.

What does it cost to study abroad?
To study abroad, fees are broken into two components: living cost and tuition. These vary by destination, institution, course and duration. You’ll be guided on all these during the fair.

On-Spot Admissions

Recruitment in this day and age is not simply a matter of luck. It is a careful combination of skill, organisation and creative ability. To this extent, the Lekkside Education Consultant Marketing Team has developed 360 On-Spot Admission which will assist international College, University, Business Schools to meet face-to-face with students who wish to pursue international education in our office. Communicate directly to the student and parent, its unique opportunity for students meet official school Representative and can be benefited by interactive sessions conducted with the representatives directly. With this, they are able to clear their doubts regarding courses, admissions, scholarships, university life and more on course academics, career pathways etc.

What else do I gain?
You can get ON-THE-SPOT admission. in addition to first-hand information about affordable study options, talk with experienced education counselors, get visa counseling, discuss accommodation facilities and travel arrangements, high visa success is also guaranteed.

ON-THE-SPOT Admission
Get admitted on-the-spot into any of the participating university when you satisfy the admission requirements.

What do I bring along?
Photocopies of all your educational qualifications, credentials, certificates, copy of international passport data page; passport photograph, CV, transcript and reference letter (if available).


360 office of Admission

Service Description:Universities/College representative visit our offices regularly to conduct on-spot admission. Students thus get advantage of speedy processing of their application. This also ensures that all their quires get resolved on the spot, and they save their application and courier cost. 

High Visa Success
End the migraine triggered by the Visa application process. Gain admission into the school of your choice, we’ll handle the rest.