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career counseling programs are designed to cater the needs of each and every applicant. It guides students who wish to study abroad, through the entire process as smoothly as possible. Our expert team members help in selecting the right program based on academics and interest, eventually boosting career prospects for students


We provides all the necessary guidance you need in the processing and acquiring of your Visa. With our team of seasoned Professionals, we simplify the process and assist you every step of the way.We will not trade business profit with customer satisfaction.

​​​​​Admission Processing: Consultations......

You can call us on 08023942318 or 08100413344 to book an appointment or send us email at info@lekksideconsult.com

Consultation time:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Tuesday: 11am to 4pm
Wednesday: 11 am to 4pm
Friday: 11 am to 2pm

We enable you to pick the program of your choice, once you meet the school requirements base on the available information from the University to our organization. 

You are guaranteed of getting admission in one or two of the selected universities.

For Admission Processing

1.    You will have to fill the form and scan it back to us (with all other requirements). You can also bring your application form with all other requirements to our office in person


1.    Make your Application fee N10,000 for Application fee to:

Bank: Zenith Bank
Account Title: Lekkside Education Consultant
Account No.: 1014154466


2.    Then send to us through text (08092193505) or email (info@lekksideconsult.com), your

            Full name,

            Postal address and

            Teller Number

3.     After confirmation of the application fee, your application form and other supporting document, will be review and forward to institution for evaluation

WAEC/NECO scratch card (Only undergraduate students)

Consultancy Fee  - NGN 60.000:00 Plus 5% VAT To be paid later after admission.

Application Fee (this is charged by each school or school chosen)
School Transcript

Complete your application here, 

                   ​Study Abroad - Overseas Education Placement and Counselling
Choosing to study an undergraduate or post graduate degree abroad and getting a overseas education could be the best thing you ever do. As the world becomes more globalise, getting a degree from a foreign country is becoming increasingly popular and attractive to employers in Nigeria. With partnerships and affiliations with over 400 universities in 50 countries worldwide, we provide our clients a wide range of options of universities to choose from. Our study abroad program includes admission processing, course advisory, visa documentation support, airport pickup, exchange programs, continuing education, etc. A few of our study destinations include USA, Australia,Germany,New Zealand, Poland, Ghana, France, China, Brazil,UK ,Malaysia,Spain, Canada, Cyprus, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, South Africa, etc. Discover amazing Study Abroad Programs in over 50 countries! Find scholarships, view our Partner Institutions, choose your Courses/Programs, and check out our study abroad blog for the latest updates & travel advice.

General Admission Requirements

Though admission process and requirements vary from institution to institution, here we'll discuss about the most general procedures and requirements to get admission in Universities or Colleges.

Undergraduate requirements

Undergraduate requirements depend on the type of institution one chooses, this is usually in form of prerequisites and assessments guiding the processes involved in a certain University or College to offer an academic degree, which varies in different ways depending on if the student is a foreigner or a permanent resident.
For admission into undergraduate level, student must have completed twelve years of academic education, but for postgraduate level it is sixteen years. Below you can find undergraduate requirements for most Tertiary Institutions.

All applicants into undergraduate programs must submit:

A completed application form;
An official high school transcript (or attested copy) (if applicable);
Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended (if any);
A detailed chronological résumé to demonstrate educational achievements, work experience, progression, community involvement, volunteer experience, and other related experience; and
A Letter of Intent (LOI) that clearly explains why the applicant is applying and outlines the student’s academic intentions.

Applicants who completed high school or any post-secondary study outside Nigeria must also submit:

Documentation confirming their high school completion was awarded, if not already indicated on official transcripts; and
Proof of English language proficiency.

Finally it is important for you to know that major languages used in abroad are English and French. But most of the universities offer courses in English language. So you need to show your efficiency by means of English Language tests. IELTS is most widely recognized and accepted English proficiency test in abroad, however, some universities and colleges accept TOEFL. The score that you must obtain in these language tests vary from institution to institution and course of study. Some universities even seek for other medium of English language test assessment. For MBA, students may be asked for two years of work experience before being admitted to the university. In most of the cases GMAT is compulsory for MBA students.

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Admission In Canada | Graduates Admission Requirements

Graduates Admission Requirements
Graduates Requirements:

Graduate requirements depend on the type of institution student chooses. This is usually in form of prerequisites and assessments guiding the processes involved in a certain university to offer an academic Master’s degree or further studies, which varies in different ways depending on if the student is a foreigner or a permanent resident.

Below you can find the general graduate requirements for most institutions In Abroad.

A completed application form;
Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended;
Official documentation confirming professional designations, where applicable;
Two (2) letters of academic reference attesting to readiness for graduate studies; For those without recent academic experience, letters from employers attesting to level of experience and analytical writing skills will be acceptable;
A detailed chronological resume clearly outlining educational achievements, work experience and progression, and other related experience;
A Letter of Intent (LOI) that clearly explains why the applicant is applying and outlines the student’s academic intentions.

Applicants who completed undergraduate studies outside Nigeria must also submit:

Documentation confirming their degree was awarded, if not already indicated on official transcripts;
A credential evaluation from a recognized service confirming equivalency if the applicant submits a credential from an unrecognized institution or if additional analysis is required by the Admissions Committee;
Proof of English language proficiency.

Note: Where transcripts are in a language other than English, the applicant must provide a notarized English translation of the original transcripts from a certified translator or on official letterhead stationery from the secondary school plus an official original transcript from the institution to the UCW Registrar.

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