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Must I take an exam to qualify for higher education in the CANADA?

It depends entirely on the programs. For instance, the applicant has to write GMAT exams before their applications can be considered for admission into MBA program. Also some Canadian institutions would prefer GRE (Graduate Record Examination) scores for the graduate level programs.

Can I work in CANADA after completing my course?

Applicants enrolled in full time program in University or Community College in Canada for a minimum of one year, are considered to be eligible for open work permit upon the completion of their program. Completion of one year full time program makes you eligible for one year open work permit and 2 or more years program will give you three years of work permit.

What is the cost of studying in CANADA?

The thought of moving away from the comfort of a home, being on your own & especially migrating to another country is certainly a big decision. The evitable question that comes to one’s mind is” where shall I live”? ”How much will it cost”? and so on... Living expenses in big cities will be different from the smaller ones. Average room rent in Canada is around $400 dollar. Given below is the approximate cost that might be incurred during your study & stay in Canada.

Can I study part-time in the CANADA?

One of the norms for all visa students is they have to maintained the full time status through out the duration of their visa. In other words international students will have to be enrolled in full time study through out their stay in Canada.

Will I be allowed to work part-time?

Post 6 months of a student’s full time study, are they allowed filing off-campus work permit.• This will allow students to work part time i.e. 20 hours/week simultaneously while studying full time.• The eligibility to file work permit depends on several other factors like academic performance, advisor recommendation, attendance and so on.

What are my chances of being admitted to an MBA course as a fresh graduate?

You have a very good chance getting admitted in to MBA program as long as you have good GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) Score and maintain a minimum of B or B+ average during his/her undergrads. Like any other graduate program, MBA is considered to be quite competitive and satisfying the minimum admission requirement doesn’t necessarily guarantee the admission into the program


career counseling programs are designed to cater the needs of each and every applicant. It guides students who wish to study abroad, through the entire process as smoothly as possible. Our expert team members help in selecting the right program based on academics and interest, eventually boosting career prospects for students


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                                Help & FAQs

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. Hopefully, you should find answers to any questions you may have. If you have a question not covered here, or need further clarification then please contact us.

When do I need to apply for Admission?

Apply as soon as possible but only after you and your sponsor are sure you definitely wish to and are able to come to study in abroad

Why do I need to involve my sponsor?

It is your sponsor's money that is being spent on a size-able financial commitment and it is important to us that they know what the money is buying for their son or daughter's academic future.

Why do I need to pay an Application Processing Fee?

Lekkside  has overheads to cover in both your local country and in abroad. The Application Processing Fee helps to pay for the overheads of running your local office, as well as covering the costs of extensive communication and courier bills. Students will also received free Visa Processing Fee (VPF).prior to their visa guidance being offered. Students should check for these costs in their individual country.

What institutions does Lekkside represent?

Lekkside  represents over 100 UK, USA, Canada, Cyprus, Turkey, China, Australia,Germany,France and other  education institutions, most of which are at university level. As Lekkside is continually seeking to work with those institutions most consistently sought after by international students and parents, the actual content of the Lekkside client list is open to change. Please ask your Student Counsellor about current opportunities.

Why do I have to pay a deposit payment in advance of obtaining the offer documents?

This greatly helps Lekkside, our clients and the consular  when it comes to considering your intentions for applying to come to the abroad,. Such a sum of money is a sign of your commitment that you do intend to pursue a course of study at education institution. All deposit payments are deducted from your tuition fees upon arrival and enrolment at the institution abroad.

When does Lekkside pay my deposit to the institution?

Your deposit is only sent to the education institution accepting you when you have received your visa to come and study in abroad,  If you are unfortunate enough to be one of the few Lekkside candidates to be rejected a visa to study in abroad, Lekkside Head Office will immediately return your bank draft to you in the next available courier parcel to your address.

Who do I make my deposit draft payable to?

You can make it payable to either the institution concerned or to Lekkside Education Consultant’.

What types of subjects can I apply for through Lekkside?

Virtually any, though Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science are incredibly competitive and expensive subjects to get into in the UK, Canada, Australia, USA and Lekkside reserves the right to refuse all such applications (though not without prior counselling to a student offering possible alternatives).

How easy is it to get a student visa to study in Abroad?

If you are a genuine student who has the financial sponsorship to do a course of study in Abroad which is relevant to your personal career development, it can be quite straightforward to get a study visa. Help and guidance is given by Lekkside to all candidates applying to Abroad education institution via its services. Part of any Lekkside Student Counsellor's job is to maintain links with both the embassy ensure up to date information is available to pass on to all of its clients.

What does it cost to study in Abroad?

This depends on what course you are studying, at what level and at what institution. It can also depend on where you live in Abroad as some country are more expensive than others. If you have family or friends you can stay with in abroad, this can help to save money. Lekkside has opportunities from A levels and degree foundation programmes to Bachelor degrees and postgraduate courses in many countries all over the world. Course fees will be discussed with you on an individual basis when you come to apply to your Lekkside Student Counsellor. If you are planning to stay in abroad on your own, please budget for accommodation and living expenses to be between $10,000 and 26,500 per year.

Can I get a scholarship?

There are virtually few undergraduate scholarships available in abroad to international students. Although there are a few at postgraduate levels, they are extremely competitive. If you are an outstanding candidate and at any level suitable for abroad postgraduate entry, please consult your institution international office for further information on scholarship opportunities in the Abroad.

Can I pay my tuition fees by installments?

In most cases, yes. How many installments does depend on the individual institution concerned. A few institutions also offer discounts to sponsors who pay the whole of the first year tuition fees in advance of enrolment at their institution. Please ask your Lekkside Student Counsellor if this is important to you or your sponsor.

Can I defer my entry to a subsequent intake?

This is usually possible, but you should state your intention to do so in writing as soon as possible. This is irrespective of whether or not entry is being deferred with the same institution. Please note that a further application processing fee will be payable in these circumstances.

Can I change courses when I arrive in abroad?

It may be possible to change courses within the university or college in which you are studying but it will not normally be possible to change institutions except in exceptional circumstances. In that event Lekkside reserves the right to make an administrative charge for our service.


Why is counseling a good idea?

No doubt that Internet has made things quite simpler for everyone. Information is now just a click away. But there is only so much internet can do! It does not give you an option of getting in touch with the real person who not only provide you with one to one guidance but also helps you through every step. Information you get from an experienced counselor is up to date and is quite valuable. That is why it is always advisable to have a friendly professional by your side who is more than willing to work closely with you and guide you through the entire process

Why should I study in the CANADA?

When we face the question of choosing the best country in abroad for education, Canada tops the priority list without any doubt as its considered best amongst all countries. It is not only because of the education standard, but also because of the diversity the country offers. In other words, this country gives the opportunity of meeting people from diversified cultural, social and racial background.

How do I decide where to study?

At times selecting the right university can be strenuous and confusing. Students often find this difficult and end up making the wrong choice. Our well-qualified counselors in (LEKKSIDE) EDUCATION CONSULTANTS  are available here to help in selecting the right institution as well as the right program that will boost career prospects. Your choice and your career objective will be completely taken into consideration before we advise you.

What are the general entry requirements?

General criterion for admissions is pretty much same for all the colleges & universities in Canada. One has to have a B or B+ average in their academics before their application can be evaluated. Given below are the details of the academic requirement an applicant has to fulfill before they submit their application for admissions.