Tourist Visa for Mexico
Lekkside Education Consultant and Travels is Mexico’s leading Visa and travel document assistance service. We have all the services for you tourist visa processing, document authentication and travel insurance.

Lekkside Education Consultant and Travels assists corporate travelers, tourists, students, travel agents, tour and operators, government employees, diplomats, IT companies, multinational companies and international humanitarian organizations with their tourist visa applications with step-by-step instructions, information and necessary documents.

We help travelers to familiar with the many forms and requirements needed for international travel. We can assist you to secure the necessary documents for hassle free travel. We are a team of trained tourist visa and passport professionals who understand the complex tourist visa regulations and procedures of different countries and can assist you navigate them.

This type of visa is appropriate if: You are traveling to Mexico for vacation, transit, business, technical activities, artistic activities, scientific activities, sport activities, journalism or religion.

You will be in Mexico for up to 180 days.
You don´t have a work permit or contract with a Mexican company or employer.
To apply for a Mexican Visa, all aspirants must submit an application personally in the Embassy of Mexico in Abuja on weekdays from 9 am to 11:00 am. All the applicants must fill-out carefully the Application form, and bring the following documents:

1.- Valid passport and one (1) photocopy of the information page of the passport
2.- One (2) passport size picture (in color, recent, no glasses, facing front, white background, 32 x 26 mm or 39 x 31 mm)
3.- If not a Nigeria citizen, valid proof of legal residence/entry in Nigeria and one (1) photocopy of that document
4.- If not a Nigeria citizen, payment of consular fee ($36.00 USD or equivalent in Nigeria Naira), cash only (please bring the exact amount).
5.- Present proof of either financial self-capacity, invitation to Mexico or social ties to country of residence. For that purpose, applicants must present at least one of the following documents accordingly:
a. Original and (1) photocopy of personal pay slips of the last three months and stable employment record with minimum one year old, 
 b..  Original and (1) photocopy of personal bank statements or current savings accounts of the last three months.with minimum balance of NGN 800,000.00
  * The bank statements must be stamped by the banking institution.

*if there is any document you may not provide, kindly highlight in a mail and revert to us.

Visa is required for this trip. Lekkside Education Consultant provides list of documents required for visa application to the client and assistance with visa application. Lekkside does not guarantee the issuance of visa but possess a high success rate of more than 90%.
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 Mexico is located on the North American continent and shares borders with the USA in the north and Belize and Guatemala in the south. The border between Mexico and the USA is the second longest border in the world and is about 3,155km/2,000 miles long.

​Mexico is situated on the ‘Ring of Fire’, the world’s most prominent volcano and earthquake region. However, the volcanos on Mexico's Baja California, a popular tourist destination, are mostly dormant. The peninsula to the west of mainland Mexico is called Baja California. This peninsula is the largest peninsula in the world. Over 120 species of cactus are growing there.

The highest peak in Mexico is a volcano and is the third largest in Northern America. It is called 'Pico de Orizaba' or 'Volcan Citlaltepetl' and is 5,636m/18,491ft high.

​Mexico is one of the world's top travel destinations and for US travellers, Mexico is the top destination. Mexicans love children, so they are welcome everywhere! There are some great attractions for kids, among the most popular with families are:

​Most people in Mexico speak Spanish. Mexico is the country with the most Spanish speakers in the world. More people speak Spanish here than in Spain, because many more people live in Mexico and the country is also more than three times bigger.

Mexicans are known as very friendly and welcoming foreigners, they are really fond of kids. Mariachi are the popular musicians who play folk music. They mainly use string instruments, but also trumpets are sometimes played. The groups are often invited to play at birthday parties, weddings and other family celebrations.