1st May, 2020 -Port-Harcourt Education Fair

1st May,

Location: Hotel Presidential
I Birabi Street, Presidential Hotel, Port Harcourt
Opening time : 10:00 – 17:00

About the fair:
The Fair is a unique opportunity to meet qualified undergraduate & Postgraduate candidates and decision making family members throughout the most vibrant markets of Nigeria in Port-Harcourt, The selective approach of the audience and thorough candidate registration procedure ensure valuable results for participating institutions.

​We limit the number of participating institutions to give you the opportunity to compete for talent without being overwhelmed by too many competing schools. This makes it easier for parents and students to focus on their area of interest rather than being lost or confused by too many colleges and universities. Participation at the event would have access to the student and guidance counselor database of attendees.

Who should attend the fair?
This Education fair is a public event open to all persons interested in studying abroad and their parents. Parents and guardians are advised to accompany their wards as there will be courses for secondary school leavers, current university and polytechnic students, graduates and academia for PhD.

What does it cost to attend the fair?
Entry is FREE at all venues. The fair begins at 10 AM and ends at 5 PM in all locations.

What does it cost to study abroad?
Reasons vary by individuals: A more effective education system, new cultural experience, making life long friends, becoming world ready, traveling… Reasons are limitless, find yours.

What course is best for me?
Experienced counselors and university delegates would be more than happy to discuss on a one on one basis with you to identify, unlock and recommend appropriate courses.

I am presently schooling in Nigeria, Can I attend?
Yes, you can! Whether you’re in the university or polytechnic, you can transfer to a top foreign institution and continue your education.

What do I stand to gain if I attend the fair?
You can get ON-THE-SPOT admission. in addition to first-hand information about affordable study options, talk with experienced education counselors, get visa counseling, discuss accommodation facilities and travel arrangements, high visa success is also guaranteed.

Will I get a scholarship?
There will be no scholarship awarded on the day. However, information on where to source scholarships are widely available.

Will I meet the representatives of the foreign institutions in person?
Yes, you will. You can direct all your questions to foreign representatives of participating universities who will be on the ground to attend to all your needs and inquiries.

What should I bring along to the fair?
Photocopies of all your educational qualifications, credentials, certificates, copy of international passport data page; passport photograph, CV, transcript and reference letter (if available).

​Can students get On-the-spot Admissions at the fair?

Yes, you can get on-the-spot admission into any of the participating universities when you satisfy their admission requirements.