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We offer school excursion and short-term training programs abroad. We are flexible in our approach, so we create customized packages to meet the requirements of different student groups in a wide variety of career and interest areas. e.g. school excursion groups (educational institutions), summer program,professional & industry groups, corporate organizations, business associations, special interest group, and many more. We will procure visas and handle local logistics for all participants. Our current group tour destinations are: Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), France, Germany, Spain, Mauritius, Ghana, Vietnam, Turkey, Cyprus,Australia, Russian, Belarus, New Zealand, South Korea,  and Others.

Customized school excursion Short-Term Training Abroad

Lekkside offers short-term programs which are individually planned to meet the requirements of participants. Training programs can be custom-designed to meet the special requirements of different groups in a wide variety of career and interest areas, such as teaching, administration, business, English, agriculture, trades, and many more. The program will usually include a blend of sightseeing (local activities & tours) and classroom activities.

Sample school excursion Short-Term Training Programs offered:

• Teacher Training: Learn about Western approaches to teaching and curriculum development
• Senior Administration Training: Learn about western education practice trends and working with western partners
• Adventure Tourism for Corporate Retreats: Learn about leadership and experience the great outdoors, either during the winter or summer.
• Business English and Golf Academy: Access to state of the art swing analysis equipment, executive golf courses and Business English courses
• Organized Courses: Short courses for organization staff
• Specialized Programs: Lekkside offers customized programs in arts, science, health, business, hospitality, agriculture, trades, and many more

If you do not see an area of training here that you are interested in, please contact us to discuss how our expert consultant can customize a program for you.

school excursion & Study Tour - Summer Education and Recreational Tour

Our study tour (summer education and recreational tour) is targeted at students of secondary schools and post secondary educational institutions (universities and polytechnics). Our international study tour is typically for a duration of 10-25 days, and mostly during the summer months (July – August) each year.

Study Tour for Secondary School Students

This is targeted at students between the ages of 10-18 years. Participation in our program is an unforgettable experience. We utilize indoor and outdoor learning environments to create a truly unique experience. Lekkside will procure visas and handle local logistics for students and any parent/guardian who wish to accompany. For summer camp, we can also develop programs for parents whilst the children are at the camp.

Illustration: Students who opt for our Study Skills Summer Camp in abroad, will enjoy an interesting academic program and a wonderful experience in a relaxed and fun environment. There is an academic enrichment program and personalized classroom instruction, which ensures that students develop personal power for early success as they build creative writing, critical thinking, team building and public speaking skills. Students will fully experience the  lifestyle under the guidance and supervision of an adult staff. They will enjoy tourist attractions, as well as participate in sporting and other fun activities like football (soccer), basketball, volleyball, swimming, ice skating, barbeques, camp fire and fireworks. They will also get to interact with students from diverse countries and begin to build lasting international friendships and networks.

Additionally, secondary school students can choose to focus on a particular theme for any of our study tour packages. Examples of Study Tour Themes are stated below:

• Celebrate Diversity (Cultural Immersion) Study Tour – This encourages cultural appreciation and acceptance. The curriculum and extracurricular activities will focus on the theme of Celebrating Diversity and it will stimulate the sharing of knowledge, creativity, and tradition. The development of positive global perspective among people will be emphasized. Students will learn that today, people of the world are more closely connected and must be kind to one another. They will experience firsthand how people with different backgrounds can live together with appreciation and kindness.

• Discover Nature Study Tour – This will be tailored towards discovering nature. Students are able to actively learn as they travel and explore the destination city. Outings may include whale watching, visiting natural habitats of plants and animals in the parks, forests, and shorelines. Students will also develop an appreciation for nature and understand the importance of sustainability and protecting the environment.

• Develop Leadership Study Tour – Students in this program will have lessons accentuated by presentations, projects, the development of self-confidence, and the encouragement of public speaking. Both indoor and outdoor activities will aim to strengthen and develop the students’ leadership skills.

Study Tour for University/Polytechnic Students

Students learn, have fun, experience life away from home, make friends from around the world and develop leadership skills. Lekkside will procure visas and handle local logistics for students and any university/polytechnic staff who wish to accompany. University/Polytechnic students can chose to focus on a particular subject area for any of our study tour package. Examples of Study Tour Subject Areas are below:

• Finance Students: Students who are pursuing a degree in Finance or a related discipline can opt to go for a study tour in New York (USA), which is the financial capital of the world. They will get to go to Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange, and other exciting places that are related to their field of study.

• Marketing or Business Students: Students pursuing a degree in Marketing, Business, or a related field can decide to go for a study tour in China, which is an economy that is synonymous with making/producing all sorts.