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The most common type of visa is the Visitor’s or Tourist Visa. Visitor’s visas are issued for temporary visits. The purpose of the visit may be to visit family and friends, vacation or holiday, business, study, attend conference or training and transit visa – just passing through South Africa.

Other types of short term visas are Official and Diplomatic Visas, which are normally issued to Government officials. A Study or Student Visa is issued to students who wish to study in South Africa for a long period. (more than 3 months).

Visa Package Requirements
* A valid International Passport ( Ecowas passport)

* Two identical passport size (45mmx45mm) photographs on white background showing the complete face.

* Copy of passport data page as well as copies of existing visa and previously issued visas. 

* Self-introduction letter with physical address and phone number.

* Introduction/Recommendation letter from an Employer

* Copy of international vaccination card (yellow fever card)

* Proof of financial status (six months recent bank statement) or financial support letter from employer with six months bank statement in a case where the Employer is sponsoring the trip.

* Marriage Certificate where applicable and if the intended stay will be for more than 90 days.

* Visa fee  for each  applicant. NGN35,000.00

*if there is any document you may not provide, kindly highlight in a mail and revert to us.

Visa is required for this trip. Lekkside Education Consultant provides list of documents required for visa application to the client and assistance with visa application. Lekkside does not guarantee the issuance of visa but possess a high success rate of more than 90%.

for more information Call :08100413344, 08092193505 or Email:info@lekksideconsult,com 

                                                South Africa in a NutShell

South Africa is diverse country at the tip Africa- the world’s second largest and most populous continent. Bordered by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland, and with a population of around 48 million, South Africa is truly part of the African continent, and eleven official languages are recognized in our Constitution.

With a long coastline that stretches more than 2,500 kilometres across two oceans, and a climate that ranges from desert to subtropical, South Africa is truly a unique place to visit.

The country has emerged from a turbulent past, and since the first democratic elections in 1994, unity is sought through diversity in a place where all people are now equal.