Information for EU students Visa


Meet all conditions of the programme and receive a Certificate of Enrolment from Foundation Campus.

Receive an invitation by email to register on the University online system.

Upload the required documentation:

All passport pages - passport must be valid for at least three months (citizens of Japan and S.Korea are required to submit the personal page only )
Passport photograph
Proof of insurance
Proof of ability to finance your study
Payment of 320 Euros (cost of visa).

The University  applies for an entry visa (MVV) (also called “provisional residence permit”) and the student residence permit on your behalf.

Once the embassy/consulate has permission to issue the MVV, the University will contact you to tell you to contact your embassy/consulate.

After 1 – 7 days (they will tell you when it will be ready) you can go and collect the visa in your own country/country of residency.

You use this to enter the Netherlands. On arrival, the University will arrange a date for you to collect your residence permit.

US Student VISA Application     Process

In order to begin the student visa application process, the student must be accepted into an American institution and receive a Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) from that institution. In addition to acceptance into a program, a student must also provide evidence that he/she have sufficient funds at their disposal to pay for tuition, room and board for the duration of their stay. This is essential and the I-20 cannot be issued without the appropriate financial documentation.

Once the student receives the I-20 from our institution, he or she is able to make an appointment for a visa interview. Procedures on obtaining an interview vary from country to country and the most accurate information can be found at

Students will need to provide, at minimum, the following items:

A valid passport
A receipt for the paid nonrefundable visa processing fee
A I-901 form (a receipt showing that the required SEVIS fee is paid

Documented proof that the student or student’s parents will have enough money to cover tuition and living expenses for the duration of the student’s stay – this can come in the form of a notarized bank statement and/or a letter from the parents stating they will support the student Visas can be issued up to 120 days before the scheduled date of departure. Appointments should therefore not be scheduled any earlier than this four month period.

The UK Student Visa Checklist 

Students will need to:

Complete the appropriate visa application form

Pay the visa application fee

Pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). 

Students will need to provide the following:

passport or travel document

a CAS statement from a licensed sponsor

documents to show they meet the maintenance requirements (such as a bank statement featuring the student's name (or parent or guardian, with evidence of relationship) or a loan in their name or government sponsorship

Documents listed by their sponsors in the CAS statement assigned by their Tier 4 sponsor, such as academic transcripts and IELTS certificate.
Biometric details
Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) Card (if applicable)

Signed declaration of genuine funds (since 4 July 2011)

TB certificate (click here to see if you are required to possess a TB certificate before submitting your application for your UK student visa)


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