There are around 200 universities in Turkey. Most of them are state universities (around 120), and the rest are private or foundation   universities. 

These universities offer low state university fees which range between $1000 and $5000 per year based on the program and university. Because of high standards, entrance is very competitive and you need to take a special international student exam called “YOS” (which measures math, analytical thinking and problem solving skills) You also should provide excellent high school grades and a high TOEFL or IELTS score to prove your English.

In order to enter top state universities in Turkey we advise our students to come to Turkey first year  to prepare for YOS and TOEFL/IELTS through one  of our preparation centers. Such preparation usually may take up to one academic year. While you take YOS and English exam, we assist you for application to the top university programs.

2-   Top Foundation (Private) Universities

Some of the private universities in Turkey are in very high standards and listed in World Best University Rankings.Entrance to top private universities is competitive. They do not require YOS exam, however they look for good grades at high school - usually 80% average. Language of instruction at these universities is English therefore you need a high score from TOEFL IBT/IELTS or be ready to spend one year at the university's English prep program.

If you are interested in these schools, we can evaluate your credentials, tell you what your chances are and assist through the application process through our network with these schools.  If you have a good grade and also high IELTS or Toefl score you can apply online through StudyinTurkey.Com  those universities otherwise we do advice you to come to Turkey for one academic year preparation course at one of our prep centres.

3-   Medical, Dentistry and Pharmacy Programs at State Universities

These programs are in very high demand from international students although quote assigned is very limited. Therefore chance for admission especially at top universities is very low.

In order to raise your chance for admission to these programs, we advise you to pursue at least one year of YOS exam preparation while improving your Turkish language skills in our preparation centers. During your studies, we will assist you for application to medicine, dentistry and pharmacy programs. As StudyinTurkey.Com we do help you to prepare to medical schools in Turkey.

4-   Foundation (Private) Medical, Dentistry and Pharmacy Programs

There are good private universities in Turkey which offer medicine, pharmacy and dentistry degrees. Number of spaces available for international students are higher than public universities so you have a better chance for admission. In order to be admitted, you should have good grades at high school and be ready to pay between US$ 10,000  to 25,000 depending on the university. Language of instruction in some programs is English, some is Turkish.

We can assist you for offering the right program based on your credentials and a successful application. You can apply online though StudyinTurkey.com to private medical schools.

5-   Other Foundation (Private) Universities

Turkey had many private- foundation universities during last 15 years. It has around 80 private universities now. Most of them, more than half, based in Istanbul. The rest are  based in Ankara, Izmir and other Anatolian cities. Northern Cyprus also have around 8 private universities where there are many international students.

If you do not meet the admission standards of top private universities, there are less competitive ones which we can help you with for admission. Tuition can be as low as $4000 per year, but it is $8000 in average. Language of instruction is mostly English but there are some Turkish medium programs as well. Required high school grade average is around 60%.

We do place Nigeria students into all private universities in Turkey.  do your application online. We do get a reply from the universities within 1 months time.

Application and Admission Procedures:

Step 1: Student sends us a scanned copy of the following documents;

Secondary School Result (WAEC/NECO scratch card (Only undergraduate students)).
International Passport
Pay Application fee

We enable you to pick the program of your choice, once you meet the school requirements base on the available information from the University to our organization. 

You will have to fill the form and scan it back to us (with all other requirements). You can also bring your application form with all other requirements to our office in person

Make your Application fee N25,000 for Application fee to:

Bank: Zenith Bank
Account Title: Lekkside Education Consultant
Account No.: 1014154466

2.    Then send to us through text (08092193505) or email (info@lekksideconsult.com), your
            Full name,
            Postal address and
           Teller Number

3.     After confirmation of the application fee, your application form and other supporting document, will be review and forward to institution for evaluation

A detailed  work experience and other related experience; and A Letter of Intent (LOI) that clearly explains why the applicant is applying and outlines the student’s academic intentions.

Applicants who completed high school or any post-secondary study outside Nigeria must also submit:

Documentation confirming their high school completion was awarded, if not already indicated on official transcripts; and
Proof of English language proficiency.

Lekkside Consultancy Fee  - NGN 100.000:00 Plus 5% VAT To be paid later after admission.

University Application Fee (this is charged by each school )

Student gets Provisional Acceptance letter within 2 Month after applying. Please note that students will be required to pay 1/5 of the total tuition fee into the school account (Tuition fee is refundable if visa is refused).

Student receives final acceptance letter 4 weeks after payment of the tuition fee.

Student goes to the embassy.